Cosmetic Enhancement Guidelines: What to Expect for a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Your nose is at the center of your face, making it cosmetically your most prominent and one of the important features to carry your assets. The proper shape and size of the nose give a cosmetically beautiful face with increased confidence. If you think your nose can be a tad bit better in terms of shape and size, you can achieve your ideal feature with the help of cosmetic treatments like a nose job or Rhinoplasty at any reliable skin clinic or dermatology clinic. Also, if ever you got into an accident of some sort that has affected the shape of your nose, reconstruction is possible with the help of an experienced skin doctor. This article serves as your guideline as a first-time patient for a rhinoplasty procedure.

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What is a Rhinoplasty treatment?

This word comes from the Latin and the Greek languages: rhino which is the Latin word for nose and plasty which is the Greek word for shaping or forming. Rhinoplasty is a procedure done in a dermatologist skin clinic when the nose is reshaped for either cosmetic or reconstructive reason.

Most of us know rhinoplasty as a ‘nose job’. Your nose can be made smaller if you wish, or the tip can be altered so that your nose has a more pleasing appearance. The angle between your nose and your upper lip can also be remodeled. If you have been injured in an accident or have some form of abnormality in your nasal cavity, reconstruction of your nose will enable you to breathe properly through your nostrils.

How does Rhinoplasty work?

The surgery can be performed in one of two ways. The two techniques are ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Incisions will have to be made inside the nostrils in both techniques. But the open procedure will require another incision in the fleshy section in between the nostrils. The skin is then separated and the bone and cartilage are adjusted.

To get your desired result, the surgeon may have to break or chisel some bones, and your cartilage may need to be trimmed. When the procedure is finished, your nasal passages will be packed and a splint put on the outside of your nose.

What to Do during the Recovery Period: Best Practices

Recovery can be an unpleasant and painful experience. However, the results will prove that it is all worth it. Remember that pain is only temporary, but vanity lasts a lifetime. Here are some best practices you can do while in the recovery stage from a Rhinoplasty treatment:

  • If you are recuperating from revision surgery or planning a second procedure, you can relieve the discomfort by putting some crushed ice in a towel and leave it on the swelling for 20 minutes. Remove for 40 minutes. Continue this throughout the day.
  • Maintain your head in an elevated position. You can do this by using nice, puffy pillows, or stretch yourself out on a recliner.
  • When resting or sleeping, your head should be positioned between 30 and 45 degrees. By staying like this after revision rhinoplasty, your blood circulation will improve and swelling will reduce.

What to Expect

Unlike other cosmetic surgeries like a mole removal and other nonintrusive ones, patients will feel more at ease with having a cosmetic nose surgery procedure if they are completely familiar with all aspects of the procedure and know what to expect from it. Your surgeon at the skin clinic should have a discussion with you about your reasoning for getting plastic surgery and your expectations for the procedure. Medications and follow-up procedures should also be discussed to avoid problems and confusion.


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